Sq U Bolt Zn 3/8x3x7

Sq U Bolt Zn 3/8x3x7: Home Improvement. 3/8" X 3" X 7" Zinc Plated Square U-Bolt (# 657) 。 Thread: 3/"-1 X 3-3/4" Long。Size: 3" I.D. Wide X 7" Long。Material: Steel。Finish: Zinc Plated。Designed For Securing Various Products To Rectangular Wood And Metal Objects。WeatherGuard Exterior Coating For Superior Corrosion Resistance。Plate And Nuts Included。Do Not Use For Overhead Lifting Or Support Of Human Weight。 。 。 。

Sq U Bolt Zn 3//8x3x7


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Sq U Bolt Zn 3/8x3x7

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Sq U Bolt Zn 3/8x3x7

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